• imageAshtaka - අෂ්ඨක
  • imageAstrology - ජොතිෂ්‍ය
  • imageBalloon - බැලූන්
  • imageBands/DJ - බෑන්ඩ් කණ්ඩායම්
  • imageBridal Wear - මංගල ඇඳුම්
  • imageCake Structures - මඟුල් කේක්
  • imageCAR RENTALS - මංගල රථ
  • imageCATERING - මංගල ආහාර පාන
  • imageCOUNSELORS - උපදේශකවරු
  • imageDRY-ICE - වියළි අයිස්
  • imageEVENT MANAGEMENT - උත්සව කළමණාකරණය
  • imageFlorists - මල්කරුවෝ
  • imageGROOM'S WEAR AND TAILORS - මනාල ඇඳුම් මැසීම
  • imageHair Beauty Salons & Spa - කොණ්ඩා මෝස්තර ස්පා
  • imageJewellery - ආභරණ
  • imageLINGERIE - යට ඇඳුම්
  • imageMatchmaking - මංගල කපු සේවාව
  • imageNILAME DRESS - නිලමේ ඇඳුම
  • imageOther - වෙනත් සේවාවන්
  • imagePhotography - ඡායාරූපකරණය
  • imagePORUWA SUPPLIERS - පෝරුව
  • imageReceptions Venues - උත්සව ශාලා
  • imageSETTEE BACK & OIL LAMP - මංගල ආසන
  • imageSHOES - මංගල පාවහන්
  • imageVideography - මංගල රූගතකිරීම්
  • imageWEDDING PLANNERS - මංගල සැළසුම්කරුවන්

The Vanity – Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Hi, I am Yohan Justin.

I am the principal shooter and founder of The Vanity, with over 7 years of experience in the wedding photography industry, my goal is to bring my fine art expertise and lifestyle inspired vision to life on your special day

Are you looking for a photographer that can tell you where to sit, how to stand, look here, look there, now smile at the camera?  This is not that type of photography, and we are not your traditional photographers. Traditional wedding photographers are known for taking control of the day, directing where to stand, where to look, and even how to correctly tilt your head. We have found this can stifle the possibilities for genuine emotion-filled moments to happen. We want to see real laughs on the bride’s face as they drink mimosas getting ready, the raw frustration as the groom tries to tie his tie, tears rolling down the father’s cheek as he gives his daughter away, and the smile sweeping across groom’s face as he accepts her. We want to see the fight for the garter, the beer chugging at the bar, and the guests doing the robot on the dance floor. The hilarious. The sweet. The ecstatic. The real. In addition to these genuine moments, we also strive to produce creative portraits that can act as a piece of art. For these images we will give a bit more direction if necessary, because the intention has changed from documentation to artwork. The goal with these portraits is to create something that is one of a kind, unique, and non-traditional. Images that no one has seen before.


Q Do you shoot destination weddings?

The photographers at The Vanity are versatile and are well prepared to cover destination wedding all over the globe.

Q Will there be multiple shooters?

Our team is comprised of three skilled photographers but this can vary depending on the number of guests at the wedding.

Q Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes, if there is a need to further extend time at your request, this can be accommodated, however, this may be subject to an additional charge. For more details on this, refer to the "Get Even More" tab

Q What kind of gear do you use?

We use the latest Canon Mirrorless Cameras, equipped with the best Canon lenses for the best quality possible

Q Do I have to order prints through you?

The prints that are inclusive in the packages are printed and delivered to you regardless. If additional prints or albums are required this maybe done at an additional cost. In addition to this we can also provide soft copies